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Info for Competitors

A Kinizsi Park logója

A Kinizsi Park Logója / The Kinizsi Park's logo

- Straw is supplied by the organizers without any charge.
- Hay is supplied by the organizers in limited amount; 3000 HUF(+VAT) / roll bale.
- Accomodation of a competitor's horse must be asked for and arranged at the organizers at the entry.
- FEI passport is required for competitors' horses who compete in CAI/A event.
- FEI passport is not required for competitors' horses who compete only in CAN/Q event.
- Competitors' meals are to be paid personally.

Opening hours of the competitors' restaurant are - from 26th April (Thursday) to 1st May (Tuesday):
Breakfast: 07:00-09:00
Lunch: 12:00-14:00
Dinner: 17:00-19:00

- Electricity and showers for the competitors and their team are supplied without any charge.
- Competitors can get around only by bicycle at the location of events.

19th Danube-Alpine Cup

Fábiánsebestyén, Hungary, 22-26th August 2012.

Hungary is waiting for the best pair-drivers and guests. Hungary organises Danube-Alps Cup for pairs for the fourth time. This year, Fábiánsebestyén in south-eastern Hungary will be the host of the competition. The hospitality and familiar society of people of the village guarantees that the time you spend here will remain as a pleasant experience. The village has been committed to horse sports, especially cart-driving for 30 years. The 'Kinizsi Park' of Fábiánsebestyén has been the place of cartdriving competitions every spring for 15 years, and the village waits for the best European pair-drivers for the last weekend of August. Besides the excitement and spectacular events of the driving competitions, the four-day event has many other sights. There will be show-jumping, children's riding competition, military derby, derby and riding-show. Our guests can see a night show with traditional Hungarian riding, the real Hungarian derring-do. There will be traditional games with horses, music programs, fireworks too. During the four days of the event Fábiánsebestyén will become a centre of Hungaricums, where people can taste and buy the typical Hungarian productions, such as sausages, 'pálinka' (a special Hungarian brandy), wines, honey and cheese. The organisers are waiting for the guests with delicious, Hungarian dishes and drinks. The event can offer excellent programs for horse lovers, but there are fine touristical attractions in that area, too. Not farther than 15 km people who seek recreational facilities can find a modern spa with a fun-bath at Gyopárosfürdő, which has a century-old tradition of spas. And in nearby Szentes, where there are a lot of entertaining facilities and excellent hotels. Tourists with rucksacks can stay at the camping site on the sports-field of the village, where all the things can be used by the campers. Fábiánsebestyén is waiting for you as a guest!

Kinizsi Park map coordinates are: 46.670496, 20.446501